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Treatments / Veneers

Forest Dental Care offers dental veneers, which can serve various purposes:

  1. They can be used to modify the shape of teeth and close gaps between them as needed.
  2. Composite bonding has gained popularity recently, but well-maintained veneers can offer longer-lasting results, providing you with a beautiful and durable smile.
  3. Veneers are a minimally invasive option and often require minimal or no alteration of the natural tooth structure.


  • Veneers offer a quick and reliable solution to correct minor irregularities in tooth shape.
  • Typically made of porcelain, veneers are applied to 4-6 teeth to maintain a consistent color and shape.
  • Porcelain veneers can conceal minor orthodontic issues, making them a suitable choice if you prefer to avoid orthodontic treatment.
  • They are effective at masking defects, deep stains, and trauma-related issues that may not respond well to bleaching or composite veneers.


  • Porcelain veneers may be more expensive compared to other smile makeover treatments like composite bonding, as they are custom-made and crafted by a skilled ceramist in a specialized laboratory.
  • Since some tooth structure is altered and removed during the veneer placement process, it is considered a permanent treatment, unlike composite bonding. Some individuals may experience sensitivity after getting porcelain veneers due to this alteration.

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